Iris is a ‘Barred Owl.’  She was once held captive at a Zoo on the eastern seaboard where she was treated poorly and often punished for failure to conform.

With the help of a friend, she escaped and has been living as a solitary fugitive ever since.  She speaks 16 human languages, including English, although none of them perfectly.

I first saw her perched in a tree near Brainerd, Minnesota, already far from her main habitat.  She is the first Barred Owl spotted in North Dakota in 40 years.  The last sighting of her was near Rugby, ND on December 12th, 2019.  If you spot her please let me know at

Wild as she is, and having been previously confined, she insists on deciding herself which stories or poems she will narrate here at Good Night North America. If you submit your story or poem, you are very welcome to suggest that Iris narrate it, but I am unable to guarantee that that will be possible.  That is completely up to her; sometimes I don’t hear from her for weeks, wild and free as she finally now is.

submit your story, poem, lyrics or sightings of Iris to