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Take the Earth Back – audio

Narrated by Iris the Barred Owl

Poem by Sara Bainter

We could take the earth back
self sustainable bubble communities
growing beans
in the front lawn
and buying thyme
with electric dirt bike rides
Why can’t we thrive
on drinking lemongrass tea
from mom’s potted plant garden
cured at 200 degrees
it sounds like a dream
one that could easily become reality
but we’re addicted to subsidies
bonanzas and glass ceilings
addictions we would need to ween
with gardens
and their tea and weeds
among other things

Yurodivy Media


A Sonnet – audio

Narrated by James

Poem by James Wolner

A Sonnet

To tell the things these eyes of life have seen
Through fifty-two apple-colored autumns
and summers and winters and growing springs
Some flowers were framed, some thorns forgotten

And when my sun seemed sometimes weak and done
My shadow grew grey in garden gravels
And wanted to run when love came undone
Or retreat to remote lonesome travels

But your beauty behaves with no boundaries
and your light sees my beginning of time
while whispering new winds spin all ‘round me
Your singing-sweet smiles are rhyming with mine

No viking no peasant no lord nor king
Have held someone brighter than you my queen